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Give Competitive edge & increase brand value of your business by using our highly customizable E-commerce platform. With Pragmacart, you can manage Online Shops and backend Inventory, Customers, Vendors, Billing and Invoicing. It comes with amazing Mobile App and Extensive Analytics.
Extensive Inventory Management
                        Reorder Point Asset Tracking Service Management Product Identification with Barcode Inventory Optimization Cost Savings
                        Increased Efficiency Warehouse Organization Order Management Accurate Planning and Forecasting Out of Stock Notifications Easy Integration with APIs
Inventory Management
Know product storage locations and available quantity easily
Amazing User Experience & Usability, Neat & Clean UI, Professional & Creative Design, Pixel Perfect, Modern & Functional, Featured Products, Category Management, Product Suggestions
Pixel Perfect UI Design
Perfect look and feel and easy to use responsive website
Easy Customization, Scalable Up to Thousands of Products, Full Featured E-commerce Solution, Customer Engagement with Ratings & Reviews, Relevant Product Suggestions, Email Marketing Integration
Easy Customization
We will easily customize it as per your business needs
Email Marketing Integration,Global Currency Payment Options, World Wide Shipping Support, Extensive Accounting & Billing Capabilities, Suitable to B2B as well as B2C businesses
Multi Currency Payment Gateway
Supports payments and shipping in most countries


Many Businesses have created E-commerce Apps using PragmaCart to reach their customers to successful business
Push Notifications, Quick Chat for Support
Push Notifications
Tell customers about new products and promotions
Product Reviews and Ratings
Product Reviews and Ratings
Users can review and rate the features of your app
>Promotions and Coupon codes
Promotions and Coupon codes
User use the promotion or coupon code for get discount
Easy Registration Process ,Simple Navigations ,Beautiful UI Designs ,Hamburger Menu for Access ,Push Notifications ,Quick Chat for Support, Product Reviews and Ratings ,Promotions and Coupon codes ,Wishlist Integrations ,Multiple Global Payment Options, Available on iOS & Android Platform
Easy Registration Process
Easy Registration Process
Simple and easy registration process instead long and difficult
Hamburger Menu for Access
Hamburger Menu for Access
Hamberger is use for the easy access to all pages from menu
Quick Chat for Support
Quick Chat for Support
Proper live chat and support features for user for their queries

About PragmaCart

E-commerce Platform to Manage Online Shops, Inventory, Customers, Vendors, Billing and Invoicing with amazing Mobile App and Extensive Analytics.

About our Product

E-commerce Platform to Manage Online Shops, Inventory, Customers, Vendors, Billing and Invoicing with amazing Mobile App and Extensive Analytics.
Awesome Features of PragmaCart
  • Highly Customizable platform.
  • AI Based Chatbot
  • Extensive Analytics
  • Inventory Management
  • High Performance
  • Featured Products
  • Relevant Product Suggestions
  • Amazing UI Design & Usability
  • Suitable to B2B and B2C
  • Highly Optimized Web Pages
  • CRM
  • Predictive sales
E-commerce Platform to Manage Online Shops, Inventory, Customers, Vendors, Billing and Invoicing with amazing Mobile App and Extensive Analytics.



Extensive Analytics - Get clear idea about user behavior and insights into sales
Awesome Analytics Features of PragmaCart of analytics desktop view. with Client Profiling, Top Selling Products and Clients, Google Analytics
Awesome Analytics Features of PragmaCart
  • Client Profiling
  • Top Selling Products and Clients
  • Customer-Relationship Management
  • Engagement Analysis
  • Google Analytics
  • Accurate Graphs for Sales and Revenues
  • Email Integration

Performance and SEO

High performance website with amazing Search Engine Optimization
High Performance and Powerful SEO
  • Powerful Search
  • Simple Website Navigation
  • Blogs Integration
  • On-Page Analysis
  • Composing Effective Meta Descriptions
  • Search Engine Optimized Code and Layout
  • Highly Optimized Web Pages
  • Integration with Social Media
analytics performance image

Integrate with your existing website OR build it from scratch


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  • Easy to use
  • Variety of products
  • Get instant notifications for order tracking, new arrivals etc.
  • AI based chatbot

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